How did the world start?

Time for another post. So I might as well explore an idea that constantly reoccurs in my mind. Only I can’t explore any more than I usually explore.

It fascinates me, and confuses me, to think of how the world started. Here’s my pattern of thought: What would there be if there was nothing, if we didn’t exist? Air. Wait, but that is a thing – something exists. Okay, then rock. Wait, but that’s is still a thing, that exists. But then if there wasn’t rock, what was there?  What is nothing? Why did anything have to start in the first place? What is the point of everything anyway? And so continues this convoluted train of thought on a convoluted idea with a convoluted explanation. Maybe there is no explanation. But it amazes me how things function now so perfectly, synchronously and usually explainably. We keep understanding what is happening around us, theories become laws, but then we can’t explain how the world started.

As somewhat of an atheist this is one thing that confuses me, and keeps me uncertain. About many things.


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  1. Posted by sam muel on 26/04/2010 at 12:50 pm

    im gonna say god,
    the fact that science has given us some explanations, but more hypothesis rather than truth, no one really knows what happened, makes the possibility of an ‘all powerfull’ you might say, creator
    humans think that everything that happens is within their control, but a volcano for example, is so powerfull that we cant do anything about it, clearly, there are some things that are beyond human capacity
    so why cant there be a god?
    time is another example, it makes my mind nearly explode to think that time has been going on for ever, and will go on for ever, or the number infinity, its so hard to get your head around it
    surely there can be something outside of time and space, there are planty of un explained things in this world, what we believe doesnt have to be confined within what we can see and touch
    (this is slightly biased given that this is what i believe, just had to clarify that)
    but yeah, just putting that out there as food for thought


  2. Thanks Sam,

    Definitely a valid idea. “It makes my mind nearly explode” is a great way of putting it actually. That’s exactly what happens every time I think about this. Even the things that are explainable today can’t be explained relating to how they originated and were made to work. So yeah that is one thing that keeps me from ridding myself of the idea that God does exist. There are definitely some things that can’t be touched or controlled or understood like you said, and therefore the existence of a God is a possibility. However, I am definitely opposed to a organised-style of following of God. I don’t see why we should have to kiss her/his/their arse as long as we live respectfully and contribute to whatever they created.

    Cheers Sam Muel.


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