Alexis Ituarte is a current year 12 student at Northcote High School with an exuberant interest in education. Lex aspires to become a teacher and is taking an interactive approach on the way – being a moderator on Merspi is part of this. His career goal is derived from a fascination in the way people perceive things and how they interact. He loves to analyse, and to explore.

I share my thoughts on my blog and run a social network dedicated to physical education. This is the area that I am most interested in. Sport has a role in developing people. My always-developing teaching philosophy is based on the notion that students learn best constructively; through inquiry, experience and a collaborative approach that extracts knowledge from many sources, not just a teacher.

Share similar thoughts? Different thoughts? Have anything to say to me?  I’m definitely up for an email, always happy to hear from people.

Handball me an email – lex@merspi.com.au

A few random facts about me

– I’m about 188cm tall

– I usually eat two poached eggs on toast for breakfast

– I will never concede that two plus two is equal to five

My favourites

Seinfeld – Witty and non-standard. Seinfeld is genius in the way that it constructs laughter and develops characters around an irregular plot. Its realism is identifiable and it is an exploration of life and its hilarities.

The Simpsons – Also extremely clever. It can be appreciated more as an adult than as a child in some ways. Its allusions and ironic moments as well as its loveable characters and silliness allow it to appeal to many audiences. Sadly, it has lost its innocence and credibility over the last five or so years.


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