Sophisticated Language – Is complexity necessary?

Language is often overused and it is an observation that I have made since I was young. But I have somewhat changed my interpretation of my observation. Before, it was laziness that somewhat satisfied my belief that a narrow vocabulary is suffice in expressing ideas. Now, it is my self-pride driven aim to achieve a good study score for English that has given me the opportunity to explore beyond my previous Ideology. It’s also my frustrations in expressing myself that have prompted me to search for better ways. I witness the fluency of English teachers’ use of language and I am somewhat impressed by the power of language. After all, it is necessary to be able to impress your view upon others and a wider vocabulary gives a scope to do this.

This is also where disparity between the language use of two people can collide. Language can easily leave us alienated. Why use a word that others will not understand? This is somewhat limiting for the listener, but it also inhibits the person’s expression of self. It is like many things in society – we cannot always abide to the conventional and a breadth of expression allows us to communicate uniquely. Cliche is one of the most deabilitating things, it forces us to converge, and I can see phrases becoming more and more popular – littered throughout social networking sites, it is the same thoughts that we hear that are starting to resonate exponentially. It is depressing. This is not to say that cliches are worthless. Use of cliches is inevitable. I am sure I have used heaps here in my writing. And it it is obvious that there is a reason that they have formed – it is because they have expressed an idea so lucidly, or perhaps, they can be applied universally to a variety of topics. As a Greek speaker, I see cliches transcend beyond languages. They are in a way beautiful, but they should be used with appreciation, not mindlessly. I should also bring up something that scares me… Kids are all being fed the same things (another minor cliche, why fed? Why not another word?). What is ‘taught’ in school, is pretty much the same. Why do we always associate the same thing with say, stars? Why do they twinkle? Why not sparkle, glimmer, flicker?

So, personally, I am trying to expand my vocubalary. It is not just that by the way. A good vocabulary does not make someone a good communicator. It is about many things, and aside from the grammatical aspect, voice is one of the most important things to develop. I sort of feel like I am losing it though. It is easy to simulate the writing of other’s, and that is fine in a sense, how many people have written over the years? Of course we are going to extract from what we liked. But it kind of shits me that in one of the major outcomes of improving my English this year, the VCE, unique voice will not necessarily be rewarded. It depends who is marking. Ideally I should not care about the mark. It is easy to become lazy though, I can write like someone else and achieve the same mark that I would have if I was writing in my own voice.

There will always be needless overuse of language. There will always be banality and cliche. I hope that I can transcend this, although it is easy to be slack and succumb to this. I can see that in my effort to overcome the language barrier that limits expression I am making mistakes. Sometimes I use the wrong synonym, rarely I forget the meaning of a word. But it is important to expand vocabulary and convey things differently to others. Verbally, I struggle to do this. In fact, a teacher of mine once said that I am “one of the few people who write better than they speak”. I think he meant it comparatively considering the speed at which you have to process things when you talk – of course people will be more fluent in writing. Hopefully I can progressively develop a well-defined personal voice that is evident in both speech and writing (and anything else that I do).


The Phys Ed Network Launch!

This happened a while ago (in January) but here’s what happened 🙂

I’m excited to announce the official launch of The Phys Ed Network!

Over the past 6 months, The Phys Ed Network has slowly been constructed. Now, with 50 members and counting, 20+ articles, a podcast, and many other free resources for VCE physical education students it is time to let everyone else know. A website name has been purchased. Users can now access The Phys Ed Network by typing in – please share! Let teachers know, let friends know – after all this is a useful network that is being built and the larger it gets, the more knowledge that can be shared. The share tool found across the website can be used to easily let everyone know on popular sites such as Facebook.

What’s new in 2010:
– New website name –
– Podcasts – Tutorials for students on physical education students. Feedback is encouraged to help improve these podcasts
– Facebook integration – Connect through Facebook and invite all of your friends to use our Facebook application.

The Phys Ed Network is still very much a work in progress. The foundations are there though, and any visitor can gain from using this site. Student contributions are very welcome.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I have gone mad with power and therefore have decided to enter the blogosphere.