Don’t forget about my main ‘project’; going to school! And a lot of fun it is in general even though sometimes I’m dissatisfied by the way schools run. I’m currently doing English, Biology, Greek and Further Mathematics. Last year I did Physical Education. I am in year 12 at Northcote High School. My primary school was Spensley Street.

The VCE Phys Ed Network

This site is a user community built on a foundation of PE students that are excited by fitness and sport. The aim of this site is to help physical education students achieve success in their study and bond as a wider community. I have used a social networking service ( to create the website which has over 120 members that allows interaction amongst students. The site has a large resource base that I have built. After seeing the neglect of physical education on the net I decided to make a PE specific website.

The VCE Phys Ed Network

Metals Bazaar

This was my brother’s idea. Metals Bazaar – an online precious metals trading community. It’s a social network for keen bullion and coin traders. Free and confidential. Trade and discuss gold, silver, platinum and palladium here amongst the community. Trading is a win-win situation: buyers will avoid hefty premiums and sellers get full value for their metal without surrendering fees to eBay, etc.


Merspi is a question and answer site for the VCE community that aims to make learning accessible and enjoyable. It works on the idea that “teaching” is a valuable method learning.  I am part of the moderation team and I also field questions for English, Biology, Further Maths and Physical Education. Check out Merspi here, it’s free!

La Yerba Mate

After my familial trip to Uruguay, my brother and I decided to start a small online tea business. Impressed by the way that tea drinking is embedded within their culture, we teamed up with an importer. We were the cheapest website for yerba mate tea. My main role was to build and manage the website. Unfortunately due to lack of demand we are shut the site down, but it was a good one year learning experience.

Left is the logo that I designed. Check out the site here.

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