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Kids, being childish.

Kids are interesting people. I’m curious about their curiosity and about how they think. They’re pretty amazing if you think about it. They are always observing and reviewing what they observed. In many ways a kid’s world is somewhat surreal. They are constantly evaluating and questioning their surroundings. They seek a way to try and fit into these surroundings and identify with others but at the same time the foreignness of their environment leaves them bamboozled and unable to absorb all the cues that they receive at once in a sense. I still have memories of it.

I can remember that you are in some way disillusioned to what is happening. Many things you understand, but some things are sort of indefinite and you question why they occurred or what exactly happened. These are my earliest memories, when I was about 3 or 4 years old. For example, I recall chipping my tooth in the bath but I am pretty sure that at the time I knew that it happened but when I replayed it in my mind it was unclear. I recall being at my relatives place but not really knowing what was happening. So in a way kids are still working at assessing their environment, perhaps that explains why we can’t bring back things from before the age of 3 or so. Some things are incomprehensible and cloudy at this age. But kids aren’t dumb. When adults talk about them behind their back but right to their face they listen and they comprehend generally. A kid is an expert on themselves so they probably understand more when the subject is them.

It disturbs me to see how kids are denigrated and alienated. In many ways they are better thinkers than a lot of adults; they are actually pretty smart. They have unique ideas and they offer a different perspective. They have the ability to think outside an adult’s normal scope of thoughts. Their exuberance and cheekiness is really cool. It shows a freedom within what can be an oppressive environment that is very restrictive. Too often they are either ignored or their opinion devalued. I really hate the phrase “do what you’re told”. It encompasses all of these schismatic notions of adult superiority and child inferiority. We aren’t polar opposites and kids aren’t disabled in any way. Their ideas are just changing more rapidly as they develop their identity and a sense of belonging.

Kids are also inherently selfish. Whether it is about being first in line or not sharing a toy they instinctively look after themselves first. I suppose it is something that is part of us as humans however through interactions which see that we can further be benefitted by sharing and teaming with others. The end goal is still self benefit though. In many ways we expect a reciprocal relationship and this is part of what is didactically told to kids – help someone and they will help you. Whether that is wrong or not I’m not sure, but I think kids should actively develop their own thoughts, rather than being force-fed ideas that they are expected to adopt unthinkingly.

This ‘childish’ label that we give to people is harmful. Being childish should be considered a compliment, or it should be removed from our vocabulary. Kids can be silly and immature, but they can also be insightful and creative. They are fascinating.